Gas Services

At MasterGas Home Ltd our trained professionals are available to install all types of gas appliances. It is important that you use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to ensure that the gas appliance has been safely fitted.


Gas appliances, when correctly fitted, are efficient, clean and economical. Our installer will make sure that your appliance is correctly fitted and meets all relevant regulations, ensuring you are minimizing the potential dangers that come with the incorrect installation of gas appliances.


We are qualified to install, repair and service all types of gas appliances including:


Boilers and Central Heating systems
Wall Heaters 
Water Heaters
Gas Cookers
Gas Hobs

Fires (including surrounds)


Other gas work carried out:


Pipes and appliances capped off

New pipework installation

Gas leaks traced and rectified



The proper installation and upkeep of the gas appliances in your home should be treated as a priority, and you should never consider installing a gas appliance on your own or using an unregistered gas engineer. The dangers of incorrect installation include gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks.

The former is fortunately easy to detect due to the smell, though is potentially extremely dangerous; the latter has no smell, colour or taste, and can be fatal if it goes undetected.


If you have any questions on the installation of gas appliances in your home, or you require further information on the services we have available, we're here to help - contact us FREE on 0800 690 6165 for all your gas appliance installation requirements.